Audition Information

Auditions for Miss Holmes
Sunday, November 24 at 12:00pm
Monday, November 25 at 6:00pm
WOH Rehearsal Space, Hathaway Creative Center

Written by Christopher M. Walsh
Directed by Debra Susi

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Setting: London, circa 1881
Seeking: 4 Females / 5 Males

  • Miss Holmes – The story’s Protagonist (25-40)

  • Dr. Dorothy Watson – The Protagonist sidekick and voice of reason (30-40)

  • Edwin Greener (an army veteran and petty criminal) /Superintendent – (45-55)

  • Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock’s older brother) /Vagrant – (25-45)

  • Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (First woman to qualify as a doctor in England) /Mrs. Hudson (Sherlock’s disapproving landlady)/ Eudora Featherstone (an elderly, grieving mother) (45-55)

  • Inspector Geoffrey Lestrade (a Scotland Yard Detective)/Orderly #1 (30-50)

  • Lizzie Chapman (a young wife) /Peggy (maid) /Martha (a washerwoman)– (25-35)

  • Dr. Michael Stamford (a doctor) /Reginald/Orderly #2 – (35-50)

  • Thomas Chapman (a Scotland Yard Detective) /Orderly #3 (35-50)

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General Information about auditioning and performing at Waterville Opera House:

Announcements: Auditions will be announced on this page, the WOH email newsletter, and on Facebook. Character descriptions and audition materials will be available on this page. Please note the audition location as that can change depending on the show.

Auditioning: Candidates must fill out an audition form to be turned in to the production team. Candidates may also receive an audition number and be required to have their photo taken upon arrival. Please have your scheduling conflicts available. Candidates should review the audition materials and come prepared to perform as an individual and in group work.

Musicals: Auditions will likely involve singing, book work, and dancing. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Children: Depending on the show, there may be a specific audition time for children only. ALL parents will be required to wait outside of the audition space as part of the audition is proving to the production team that your child can take direction without a parent present.

Rehearsals: Performing in a show at the Waterville Opera House requires a big time commitment. Performers should be prepared for 3-4 rehearsals per week (often 6:30pm-9pm on weekdays, and a weekend day). A detailed Rehearsal Schedule will be published once the cast has been finalized. Rehearsals will take place at the Opera House Dance Studio in the Hathaway Creative Center (10 Water St, Waterville). Due to limited rehearsal space, parents will be asked to wait in the Hathaway lobby during rehearsals.

Tickets: Each performer receives 2 complimentary tickets to the production. Performers should call our Box Office to reserve comp tickets.

Performer Responsibilities: WOH performers are required to provide their own undergarments, shoes, and basic hair and makeup products.

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