Waterville Opera House – Audition Information

Hello, Dolly! Auditions
August 26 at 1:00pm
August 27 at 6:30pm
Waterville Opera House Dance Studio
93 Main Street, Third Floor

Show Dates:
November 9, 10, 16, 17 at 7:30pm
November 11 and 18 at 2:00pm

Auditions will consist of singing excerpts from the score (see below) and possible a dance call if time allows. Please wear appropriate footwear, the choreographer has requested NO HEELS.

Audition Materials: Measures are noted on the sheet music.
Dolly 1
Dolly 2
Cornelius, Barnaby, Ambrose, and Ermengarde
Ernestina: Any song, badly and off key

Character Descriptions:

Please note: Ages listed below are suggested “Stage Age”

MRS. DOLLY GALLAGHER LEVI (35 – 50):  An indefatigable, life-loving, meddling matchmaker of strikingly dramatic appearance; a woman in her middle years Matchmaker, widow, meddler, opportunist, life-loving, commanding, strong stage presence. Vocal range: mezzo-soprano G-G    wide vocal range. Dance ability: some.

HORACE VANDERGELDER (40 – 60): Well-known widower of some means and proprietor of a Hay & Feed Store in Yonkers, N.Y. He is a client of Mrs. Levi’s, gruff, set in his ways, authoritative. Vocal range: comic baritone B-E. Dance ability: some.

CORNELIUS HACKL (30 – 35): Vandergelder’s chief clerk, Head clerk at the Feed Store who yearns for adventure. He is energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous. Good comic timing. Vocal range: baritone Bb – F#. Dance ability: strong.

BARNABY TUCKER (19 – 26):  Assistant to Cornelius at the Feed Store, naïve, energized, follower. Vocal range: baritone  C-G#. Dance ability: solid. Note: Singing and featured dancing.

IRENE MOLLOY (30 – 35): A millineress with a Hat Shop near 14th Street in New York City. Mrs. Levi has introduced her to Mr. Vandergelder. She is a widow, who is beautiful, smart and fun-loving. Vocal range: mezzo soprano  G-F, belt. Dance ability: strong.

MINNIE FAY (19 – 25): Irene’s assistant, naïve, straight-laced, fresh, follower. Vocal range: mezzo-soprano  D-F. Dance ability: strong. Note: Singing and featured dancing.

AMBROSE KEMPER (19 – 23): A young, struggling artist, artist seeking to marry Ermengarde. He is good-natured, accommodating, wants to marry Ermengarde. Vocal range: tenor  E-G#. Dance ability: strong.

ERMENGARDE (17 – 20): The 17-year-old niece of Horace Vandergelder. She is whining, high-strung, wants to marry Ambrose. Vocal range: mezzo-soprano  E-G#. Dance ability: strong.

ERNESTINA (27 – 45): A girl in need of Mrs. Levi’s services. She is accommodating, good-time girl. Vocal range: mezzo-soprano. Dance ability: none. Comic timing.

Chorus Roles: Play a number of different roles including customers, waiters, contestants, polka contestants, etc. Vocal ranges: even split of tenors/basses/altos and sopranos. Dance ability: strong. 8M/8F Dance ability: some movement.

  • RUDOLPH REISENWEBER (40 – 60): The Prussian major-domo (Maitre’d) of the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant. He is proper, commanding. Vocal range: Resonant bass. Dance ability: some.
  • ROSE (35 – 50): Sells vegetables from a street cart, a friend of Mrs. Levi’s from years before. Mrs. Dance ability: none. Vocal range: Alto – ensemble singing.
  • JUDGE (40 – 65): – White-whiskered, red nose, New York night court.
  • FIRST COOK: Harmonia Gardens employee, German accent.
  • SECOND COOK: Harmonia Gardens employee.
  • STANLEY, FRITZ, HARRY, LOUIE, DANNY, MANNY & HANK: Harmonia Gardens waiters, non-speaking
  • 3-5 Children: Stage age: 8-12 (real minimum age: 10). Vocal range: melody Dance ability: solid.


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