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Auditions: Annie the Musical

September 18 @ 6:00 pm - September 23 @ 1:00 pm

Auditions – Annie the Musical

Annie the Musical Audition Dates:
September 18 and 19 at 6pm
Children: September 23 at 1pm
Waterville Opera House Dance Studio, 93 Main Street, Third Floor


Annie the Musical Show Dates:
December 1, 2, 8 at 7:30pm
December 3, 9, 10 at 2pm







Annie the Musical is sponsored by Camden National Bank!

Audition Materials: Please prepare the first 16 bars of each song.
Annie and Orphans
Miss Hannigan
Warbucks and Drake
Rooster and Lily
Burt Healy and Male Ensemble
Grace Farrell, Star to Be, and Female Ensemble


Character Descriptions
Annie (Age: 10 to 13) A3-G5 Annie is a complex little girl who’s a tough, streetwise urchin, but is nevertheless vulnerable when she thinks she might lose what has become most important to her: a newfound “family” who loves her. The actor who plays Annie must be strong vocally and musically, capable of vocal projection without strain. Although she is at times aggressive or crafty, the audience should never doubt Annie is a friendly and caring child; she will go to any extent to gain the love of a family to which she can belong.

Orphans  (Age: 8-13) The girls are gritty, neglected and vulnerable, yet basically honest and potentially lovable. Actors portraying them must be able to have mischievous fun with each other as well as “sibling-style” fights. Each should be able to create and shape her own character. Children auditioning for these roles need to have vocal strength and be visually expressive. All of their blocking and movements must appear motivated and strong.

Note: Stated age is “playable” – not actual.

  • Molly (B4 -A3) Molly is the littlest at age 6.  Looks up to Annie the most – Annie is her closest friend, like a big sister.
  • Kate (C5-A3) Kate is the next-to-youngest at age 7.   Kate is the “shyest” orphan, but is friends with everyone.
  • Tessie (C5-A3) Tessie is the crybaby at age 11. Known for her line “Oh my goodness…”
  • Pepper (Bb4-C4) Pepper is the toughest and bossiest at age 12.  She is a bit of a bully, likes to take control and is the least fond of Annie.
  • July (D5-C4) July is the quietest at age 13.  Doesn’t talk much but is “mother-like” to all the kids – sticks up for the little ones.
  • Duffy (D5-C4) Duffy is the oldest at age 13. Hangs out mostly with Pepper, but is friends with everyone.
  • ORPHAN ENSEMBLE  (additional 5 to 8 girls) Group of girls with good singing and dancing ability. No speaking roles.  Ability to sell a song, gymnastics and/or dance background an asset!  May also appear in some street scenes in “Hooverville” -“NYC”

Miss Aggie Hannigan – M/F Age: 30 to 45 (vocal range: G3-D5) This (wo)man is definitely a “has-been.” Her distaste for her job and the children that are part of it should be obvious in every line she speaks, every song she sings and every move she makes. An excellent sense of comic timing is a must! The acrid delivery of her lines and the torch-like rendition of her songs must distinguish her from the other characters in the show.

Grace Farrell (Age: 24 to 38) A3-D5 Grace is mature, calm, cool and “together.” She is classy and businesslike when dealing with Miss Hannigan and Warbucks, yet maternal toward Annie. Grace should seem ready with an answer for just about anything.

Rooster Hannigan  (Age: 25 to 35) Bb3 – Eb5 Rooster and Lily are quite the team — “team” being the operative word, as the characters play off each other constantly. Rooster is flashy and self-assured. His “moves” should be as smooth as a gambler’s, as should be the message he sells in “Easy Street.” “Easy Street” is the most challenging number in the show, in terms of vocal range.

Lily St. Regis (Age: 20 to 30) Bb3 – Eb5 Lily (airhead that she is) is always distracted, although she manages to pick up on any conversation involving money. She never acts as the leader, always bringing up the rear while tripping over her own feet (it is difficult to walk and check your makeup in a compact at the same time.

Oliver Warbucks (Age: 40 to 55) A3 – D5 Self-assured and confident, he soon finds himself completely charmed by Annie. He begins his transformation when he views “N.Y.C.” through Annie’s eyes and falls in love with the city again…and with her.

Bert Healy (Age: 30 to 45) G5-E4 The classic announcer on a radio show of the era. Sings “Never Fully Dressed” and is perfect for someone who is naturally funny with a big radio personality. He helps Annie by broadcasting about the search for her birth parents.

Roosevelt (Age: 40 to 60) F4-Eb3 The 32nd President of the United States, Democrat and friend of Warbucks. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is enlisted by Oliver Warbucks to help locate Annie’s parents. He will be pushed onstage in a wheelchair and delivers a momentous line about “A New Deal!” He is a strong, authoritative character.
Ensemble (7m – 7F) Age: 20 to 50. Ability to pick up choreo is an asset along with strong ensemble vocals. Note: Servants are the loyal domestic help of Oliver Warbucks.  Performers sing with the ensemble and double as New Yorkers in “N.Y.C.” and Hooverville. The ensemble will play the following roles:

Male Ensemble:

  • Drake (M) 30-50 (Tenor-Baritone) The English butler and ever loyal Butler at the Warbucks mansion. He is a good friend to Grace and Oliver, yet always the professional head of the staff.  He is very fond of Annie and is charmed by her from the beginning.
  • Bundles McKloskey – (M) Bundles is the laundryman for the orphanage. This is a minor speaking role and is perfect for the actor who can create a likeable character.
  • Fred McCraken – A Ventriloquist, who appears on “The Oxydent Hour of Smiles, starring Bert Healy”, with his Dummy.
  • Jimmy Johnson – The masked announcer, who appears on “The Oxydent Hour of Smiles, starring Bert Healy.”
  • Sound Effects Man – The Sound Effects Man is responsible for creating all the sound effects for “The Oxydent Hour”
  • Harold Ickes – A member of FDR’s cabinet, he is the Secretary of the Interior.
  • Louis Howe – Political Advisor and Campaign Manager for FDR.
  • Cordell Howe – A member of FDR’s cabinet, he is the Secretary of State
  • Justice Louis Brandeis – Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court,
  • Henry Morganthau – A member of FDR’s cabinet, Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Louis Howe – (M) President Roosevelt’s trustworthy aide
  • Lt. Ward – (M) An NYPD officer who is suspicious of Annie when he sees her with Sandy, the dog.

Female Ensemble:

  • The Boylan Sisters (Bonnie, Ronnie and Connie) 20-40 (Vocal range:  Alto, 2nd Soprano, 1st Soprano) Three women who sing tight harmonies as a featured trio on Bert Healy’s Radio Show.
  • Mrs. Greer – Housekeeper
  • Francis Perkins – A member of FDR’s cabinet, she is the First female Secretary of Labor.
  • Sophie, the kettle – (F) She is cooking a stew over a fire in Hooverville when she meets Annie.
  • A Star to Be – A young actress who has just moved to New York City. She is featured in the song “N.Y.C.”
  • Annette, the French Maid – She is assigned to make Annie’s bed while she is staying with Warbucks.
  • Cecile, the French Maid – She is assigned to pick out Annie’s clothes
  • Mrs. Pugh –Head Cook


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September 18 @ 6:00 pm
September 23 @ 1:00 pm
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