Looking for a more hands-on way to support the Opera House?
We are always looking for people to join our dedicated team of volunteers!
Volunteering is a rewarding way to give back to your community and gives you the opportunity to see Opera House performances for free.

How do I sign up to volunteer usher at Waterville Opera House?

  • We ask that first-time volunteers try to sign up for either Floor Usher, Elevator, or Will Call as these are considered the “training” positions.

  • Different types of events have different volunteering requirements. Theatrical events typically require a two to three hour commitment, concerts can run as long as four to five hours. Keep time requirements in mind when choosing which events to volunteer for.

  • We use on online service called SignUp.Com to manage our volunteers. If you need additional information about a specific event, please see the contact info below. Please click on the link below to see the current available opportunities and to sign up for an event!

What is the Dress Code for Opera House volunteers?

  • In order to maintain a consistent and professional appearance, please observe our simple dress code by wearing: black and white clothing (patterns are acceptable), your Opera House name tag (provided by WOH), and a welcoming smile!

  • Our dress code is designed to facilitate the ease with which patrons can identify volunteer staff. The following clothing is not allowed: anything revealing, t-shirts, jeans, mini-skirts, or athletic apparel.

I’m a new volunteer! What do I need to know for my first event?

  • Thanks so much for joining our team!

  • Please make note of the volunteer arrival time given for your event on SignUp.Com
    (1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the event time). It is important that new volunteers arrive no later than the requested time so that we have time to train you before patrons begin arriving

  • Upon arrival at the theater, please meet in the office to the right of the Opera House lobby on the second floor of City Hall. You can hang up your coat and keep personal items in this office. A Pre-Show Meeting will take place here prior to all performances so volunteers can receive event-specific information.

What volunteering positions are available?

  • We rely on the outstanding hospitality of our volunteers for nearly every performance at the Opera House. Positions include ushering (orchestra and balcony), taking tickets, ID and checking, merchandise and concessions sales, among others.

  • Did you know that all of our community performers are volunteers? Interested in volunteering in the office or making magic onstage?
    Whether it is distributing show posters in your town, assisting with clerical projects such as mass mailings, or by the building the set, painting the stage, sewing costumes, playing in the orchestra, or working backstage during performances, the Opera House is looking for people to get involved in other ways too!

    For more information…
    Please contact volunteer coordinator and Box Office Manager, Emilienne Ouellette, at 873-7000 or 

Thank you to our volunteers from the 2017-2018 Season!
Each season we recognize your dedication
in our annual program book.